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  • Do you need a CAREER or EXECUTIVE COACH to help you move forward?

  • Has life delivered you or a family member some physical challenge for which you need a PATIENT ADVOCATE?


  • Could you use the assistance of a skilled FACILITATOR to help you  deal with an ongoing disagreement or do you crave the input of a talented and / or vested group of individuals but lack the skills or "sit too close" to tease out the issue(s)?


  • Would you welcome support navigating an ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE or launching a TEAM?


  • Have development needs been identified in your organization for which you lack a qualified TRAINER?


  • Is your organization seeking a BUSINESS or PATIENT ADVOCACY SPEAKER?


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Are you confronting a major change, either personally or professionally, and need help with the transition?


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Wolves belong in our world

and their survival serves as a barometer of how well man is treating the environment overall.”


-  Unknown

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"Jari is one of the best instructors I've worked with in my nearly 30 years in the field of adult and continuing education. She is always responsive to requests for consultations and follows through immediately. Her classroom demeanor brings out the best in people: people ask if they can have her back to teach. One really couldn't go wrong in working with Jari Holland Buck."


John Staples, Seminar and Event Manager at Mid-America Regional Council


"In one word ... Jari is a 'WOW!' As a career coach she is a careful listener so her recommendations are tailored ... providing the right advice at the right time. Jari's depth of expertise and creative strategies have armed me to get results. She is committed to my success and that comes through every step of the way. You would be well served to work with her too!"


Wendy Warnecke

Director, Internal Communications, Finance at Thomson Reuters, Collaboration Accelerator

"Jari is the consummate patient advocate; she can hold an individual's hand and navigate him or her through the dysfunctional healthcare system, and she can be a strong leader in the patient advocacy certification initiative, providing executive leadership to make the certification a reality - or anything in between.It has been my pleasure to work closely with Jari over these many years of the building of private, independent patient advocacy as a career and to benefit from her many talents and her generous nature. Working with, and learning from her, has been a joy."


Trisha Torrey, Founder and Director of The Alliance of Professional Health Advocates

"Working with Jari over several years strengthened my personal development as well as my professional expertise in management, supervision, and organizational development. When addressing difficult work-related situations I often find myself very specifically calling upon the methods and approaches taught to me by by Jari. Even more importantly, as CEO of a non-profit, I've been able to develop a great team of direct reports that is able to work well together, work through challenges, and rely on teammates because of the skill set I acquired while working with Jari. I whole-heartedly recommend Jari's services."


Valerie Watson, CEO of Harvesters - The Community Food Bank


Jari Holland Buck, M.A., GPAC

"I needed help and plenty of it with my tired old resume. It didn't much suit me and after a couple of years adding and removing data I could just barely stand it attach it to an application. Enter Jari. Most of the time I associate doing something special for myself as a pedicure, a good cup of coffee or maybe a dinner out with friends but I can't tell you the satisfaction I got from spending a couple hours with Jari talking about my career and where I was hoping to land. Taking the little blurbs I offered and working her magic I all but fell over when I saw myself on that resume. Along with this incredible resume Jari gave me tips on how to target my responses to interview questions based on the skills listed on the resume, avoiding interview pitfalls and feeling really, really good about representing myself. Take it from me, if you have time for a pedicure or a round of golf treat yourself to a meeting with Jari. You'll leave with a new outlook on yourself and that smile that you may not have seen lately will be back along with a big boost of determination. Thanks Jari!"


Therese (Missy) Muehlebach, former Avila University student and Human Resources colleague

"From day one, Jari told me this job search could be a long one. I left a high-level job with no safety net and wanted to change industries. Jari stuck with me the entire way, prodding, encouraging, and providing tactical advice. She knows how HR and organizations work in the real world. In the end (about 12 months later), I landed an incredible position in an industry that fits me very well. I also earned a good resource and friend in Jari."

Bill Miller, Vice President of Operations for the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts

"When it comes to facilitating discussions around strategic planning and issues management I've never encountered anyone as masterful as Jari. Her ability to keep a group on task, assist them with outlining objectives and outcomes and build consensus has made all of the difference in supporting the work my organization has done with a number of our stakeholders and board members.She is quite a adept at surveying the landscape, quickly getting a grasp of the dynamics of the group and identifying under-lying issues that may prevent things from moving forward. I would recommend her to any organization that is experiencing challenges in moving an issue or group forward to resolution."


Stancia  J. Whitcomb Jenkins
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Community & Public Affairs
University of Missouri-Kansas City


"I've worked with Jari to present training on how to design public meetings so that they bring out the best in people. Jari has a wealth of information to share and does it in a way that engages people in the room and makes them want more. She knows her stuff, that is absolutely clear, and she has a knack for telling stories that make the concepts real and that empower the people in the room. I would highly recommend Jari as a project manager / facilitator and as a trainer."

Jennifer Wilding, Director of Consensus

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