Imagine a chair sitting before you.







This is your professional chair for the future…

Where is it?

What are you doing?

With whom do you work?

Are you happy?


These are the questions we ask ourselves when we remember what we wanted to do when we “grew up.”

  • Are you ready to reconsider this “future?”

  • Have your been “challenged” to reconsider this “future?”

  • Or perhaps, you have been “thrown into” this future through job loss.


Career Coaching

If you are in an active job search or positioning yourself to begin a job search, we collaborate with you to deliver:

  • Understanding of the steps of today’s job search process;

  • Appreciation of the value you bring to a future employer + knowledge to self-promote / negotiate offers;

  • Preparation of a “market ready” resume, references + 30 / 90 second commercials;

  • Productive networking + Job Board usage;

  • Phone / onsite interview preparation; and

  • Support throughout the entire process.


Executive Coaching

If you are seeking Executive Coaching for yourself or your management team, we collaborate with you to deliver:

  • Self-development process;

  • Assessment instruments;

  • Developmental priority “short list”;

  • Specific on‑the‑job application opportunities;

  • OJT observe / feedback;

  • Follow-up and monitoring strategy;

  • Training / development activities.



Move from where you are to where you wish to be...

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