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Organizational Consulting


  • Do you sponsor or participate on a team that is not delivering the desired outcome or seems “stuck in place”?

  • Is your organization experiencing “people-related” interaction difficulties and you’ve tried everything you know how to do (some things more than once!) and nothing worked?

  • Wouldn’t you have already fixed these problems if you knew what to do?


Majestic Wolf knows how to navigate these “in-between” places.

We CAN and DO make a difference.


What Do We Do Together?

Majestic Wolf partners with you to develop an approach to you issues, typically employing the following steps:

  • Assessment of the current situation;

  • Recommendations regarding “next steps;”

  • Agreement on “Next Steps” including contracting, accountability and measurement standards;

  • Implementation of plan;

  • Measurement of success / outcome review / modifications.


What Do We Use?

  • Strategic Planning;

  • Team task or relationship problem-solving;

  • Meeting facilitation;

  • Employee assessments includng relevant 360 instrument;

  • Team building activities employing the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator;

  • Human Resource support building a handbook, orientation process, employee performance system, etc,


Why Majetic Wolf?


Key values include -


respect for others

working with openness

integrity and trust

developing leadership in everyone

having fun and

focusing on results


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