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Business Speaker

While there are a great many of us who speak on business matters, how many of us speak on making business matter? Following a 30+ year career in business, I care deeply about the state of affairs in which we find ourselves today.


Employees and management are disengaged. In a recent study of 900 workers in North America, Right Management found that 60 percent were dissatisfied with their present jobs and seeking new opportunities, while 27 percent were networking and updating their resumes


Unions are under fire as evidenced by many state-led initiatives to eliminate collective bargaining.


Human Resource professionals have become instruments of management rather than representatives of employees,


And, we have forgotten the lessons grounded in our history.


If you have the courage to “look in the mirror,” I will not disappoint. Known, regarded and challenged for my directness, I meet you “toe to toe” as a former “insider” with secrets no more.


Patient Advocacy Speaker

When my husband became catastrophically ill, life suddenly required 24/7 vigilence in the midst of unrelenting terror. During his 6+ months on full life support, every organ in his body failed, some more than once. In this book and through my heartfelt support for bedside advocacy, I share the lessons I learned and used in partnership with the medical community to produce a miracle, my husband’s survival.

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