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Are you looking for a high powered, energetic, information packed educational experience?


Do you or your staff need a skill building opportunity in a safe learning environment?


Do you learn best with an interactive teacher who incorporates good adult learning strategies into each class?


If the answer is “YES!” contact Majestic Wolf. I offer 20+ years of platform experience leading “tough crowds” resistant to training through new concepts. I have also built and delivered quality vetted online instruction at the Master's level. And, my resource materials do not gather dust on the real or virtual bookshelf:-).

Jari Holland Buck, MA, GPAC
During my corporate career, I held positions in all departments and at all levels of organizations, from sales clerk and the first female Management Trainee for Montgomery Ward to National Director of Training for Target Stores.


As a consultant, my work has taken me to traditional and creative clients, unionized and non-unionized environments and the public and private sector.


I hold a Bachelor Degree from North Central College in Naperville, IL and a Masters Degree from Northwestern University. I am a qualified Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Administrator as well as a licensed user of 360° Assessment Instruments.



Click HERE to view a representative list of available courses.

"Jari is a dynamic educator! Her sessions are thought provoking and precise. You will leave energized and armed with the tools to make a difference in your organization or company. I highly recommend Jari as a premier professional and I will seek out her services again and again."


Marquita Brockman Taylor, MBA
Management Professional
"It is my pleasure to recommend Jari. Her performance working as a consultant for State Street proved that she is a valuable addition to any company.

I have known Jari for over 15 years in my capacity as a Trainer and Manager at State Street. Jari worked with me on various projects as a consultant, and based on her work, I would rank her as one of the best consultants we have ever had.

Jari distinguished herself by consistently submitting exceptionally well-researched and well-written reports and provide professional training to staff members. Jari is highly intelligent and has good analytical, presentation and communication skills.
Christopher Potthast, PMP
Chief Financial Officer - Rose Brooks Center Inc.


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